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22-05-2015 The voice based legal information kiosks or NyayaPath as they are called have been set up in the largely tribal states of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.
01-01-2015 Digital initiatives launched by India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka are a stunning reminder of a vital role played by technological interventions in developing countries.
Image Credits: Digital India Rural
16-09-2014 The toll free number will help in creating database of common logistical hurdles experienced on highways by the reefer operators.
15-01-2014 Lotus Greens claims to become Asia's first real estate developer to launch its own Green Application to help companies measure carbon footprint.
Lotus Greens.jpg
21-11-2013 Google India will create awareness about the benefits of Internet for women and empower them through digital literacy initiative.
16-07-2013 Child Rights and You (CRY), an Indian NGO has launched ‘Click Rights’, an online photography campaign to capture the barriers that keep children out of school. CRY invites citizens from all walks of life to click photographs of children who are not going to school in and around the city at large.
15-05-2013 Shri Jagdamba Samiti (SJS), a Rishikesh based NGO, is engaged in the task of empowering small apple farmers in the North Indian states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, by enabling farmers to move up the economic chain. Vikram Singh, Senior Executive, ICT and Value Chain, at SJS, in an interview to OneWorld South Asia, said that ICTs could be an effective tool for imparting farm related inputs to farmers to make the reap a quality harvest. Excerpts from the interview.
03-04-2013 Byron Vielehr, President, International and Global Operations of Dun & Bradstreet, the 171-year- old provider of business data and risk-management services, in an interview with OneWorld South Asia, said that technological advantages should be leveraged to drive up financial literacy levels. Excerpts from the interview.
Image Credits: Byron Vielehr
18-01-2013 Despite India’s NIC, a premier ICT arm of the Indian government, issuing strict guidelines in 2009, to make all government websites disabled friendly, most of them are yet to comply with the stipulated norms.
Image Credits: Lest the disabled are left out of the digital world.
27-12-2012 Heather Mansfield is the owner of DIOSA Communications and author of Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. A pioneer in employing social media for the nonprofit sector, Heather shares her rich experience of using the Internet for fundraising, community-building, and advocacy with Ashok Kumar of OneWorld South Asia.
Image Credits: Heather Mansfield
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